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The MiDia 2GX Micro Cable Product was Released

2018-10-22 10:32

The MiDia 2GX Micro Cable product was released. Developed by OFS, this product uses optimal bend loss fiber and develops new cable-forming technology that is 36% smaller than conventional 250-micron coated cable sizes, enabling smaller cable diameters and more cable core counts. It is ideal for pipelined deployment environments. The MiDia 2GX is available in 144-core, 192-core and 288-core models and is available in AllWave FLEX and All FLEX+ fiber.
OFS pointed out that this cable can support a longer deployment length, thereby reducing the cable deployment cost by reducing the number of fiber optic cable joints, while the efficient use of the pipeline also improves the efficiency of cable deployment. Meanwhile, the cable supports micro-pipe network and air blow installation technology.
OFS sales VP Pierre Marty said that MiDia 2GX micro-cables help users achieve 100% increased cable installation density, helping users maximize their pipeline network resources, helping to save on materials and installation costs, and ensuring future upgrades.