SH-27 High Quality Fiber Cleaver Auto-Blade-Back

SH-27 High Quality Fiber Cleaver Auto-Blade-Back


●Fiber Cleaver Auto-Blade-Back
●3 in 1 fiber holders(bare fiber indoor fiber optic cable pigtail)
●Cleaved length: 9~16(ø0.25) 10~16(ø0.9)
●Cutting angle: 0.5 (single core fiber)
●Blade cutting life: 48000 times
●Fiber blade: 16 blades


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SH-27 series fiber optic cleaver is the new type of fiber cutter with high precision, greatly improving the working efficiency and efficiency. 

Applicable Fiber(3 in 1 fiber holders, bare fiber , indoor fiber optic cable, pigtail)


Silicon optical fiber

Cutting the bare fiber diameter


Cleaved length

9~16(ø0.25) 10~16(ø0.9)

Cutting angle

0.5 (single core fiber)

Blade cutting life

48000 times

Fiber blade

16 blades

Size / weight

60*57*46 (mm) /266g